During its participation in COP28, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) launched Abu Dhabi Circular Economy Guide for Homes, in line with its commitment to the UAE's Vision of Sustainability, Green Economy and Environmental Conservation. This Guide was launched during the workshop held by ADHA at the Sustainability House in Expo City Dubai, in the presence of a selection of key stakeholders from the government sector and NGOs, academics, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Guide establishes the standards and requirements for the construction of government housing projects in Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the best practices in the field of building and construction, with a focus on sustainability, efficient use of resources and environmental conservation, and in line with the UAE's agenda for the Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031. 

HE Hamad Hareb AlMuhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said: “ In line with the UAE Circular Economy Policy 2021- 2031, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has developed guidelines for circular homes for national housing, as well as tools for optimizing the use of resources in the construction process while reducing waste and pollution resulting therefrom.”

 “Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has been keen to develop guidelines for circular houses as part of the government residential communities implemented by the Authority in all regions of the Emirate” He added. He stressed that the use of these guidelines contributes to promoting the healthy life of citizens while achieving sustainability and effective use of natural resources in UAE.

AlMuhairi confirmed that the United Arab Emirates is committed to the development of a circular economy based on the concepts of recycling, innovation and cooperation between the public and private sectors. The United Arab Emirates also considers its goals to achieve climate neutrality as a milestone to achieve sustainable human and economic development globally.

AlMuhairi pointed out that the guide will provide guidance to the bodies concerned with the design and implementation of national housing projects, such as consulting companies, real estate contractors, waste management companies and other relevant bodies in order to adopt sustainability standards when implementing future projects. 

 The guide focuses on mechanisms for optimizing the use of resources used in housing construction, guidance on how to reduce waste , which contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling materials used in construction processes and employing them in other fields, in addition to using Eco-friendly materials.

It is recalled that under the guidelines of the economic vision of Abu Dhabi related to the need to balance between economic objectives and environmental and social considerations, and in view of the fact that the sustainable green economy represents a strong tributary to promote clean growth opportunities in the Emirate, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has worked to ensure that all designs of buildings and facilities of integrated residential complexes  carried out by ADHA in various areas of Abu Dhabi abide by the conditions of preserving the environment and the green economy requirements.

Update On

18 Dec 2023

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