On the sidelines of its participation in GITEX 2023, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (“ADHA”) launched the soft version of its smart Application " ISKAN Abu Dhabi"

On the sidelines of its participation in GITEX 2023, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority ("ADHA") launched the soft version of its smart application "Iskan Abu Dhabi", which is being developed to serve as an interactive digital platform for ISKAN Abu Dhabi Center , so that all the services required by the citizen during his journey to obtain the housing benefit are provided in an interactive and advanced digital manner, and falls under the integrated digital transformation initiatives to implement the agenda of Abu Dhabi Program for the "Effortless Customer Experience".

The application allows customers to submit new applications for all services provided by Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, in addition to tracking the status of their applications and completing their housing journey easily and effectively without personal presence. Iskan Abu Dhabi application and the supporting e-systems in ADHA have also been developed. Connectivity between more than 15 public and private sectors has been enhanced and developed to help complete housing transactions in one place, saving time and effort.

Iskan Abu Dhabi Application also allows submitting requests for the services provided by other necessary parties to successfully obtain the housing benefit, such as: Mortgage reference provided by the Department of Municipalities and Transport. Implement approvals for land and housing benefits and register them with the Department of Municipalities and Transport and issue title deeds through the Application, complete the financial literacy program requirements provided by Department of Government Enablement, open a loan account with First Abu Dhabi Bank, etc. ADHA has worked to re-engineering processes to achieve the full digital transformation of services throughout the customer journey without human intervention. 

H.E. Hamad Hareb Al Muhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, added that ADHA is working to adopt the latest technologies and innovative systems that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of housing services provided to customers on various platforms. ADHA is also committed to facilitating the customer journey and simplifying procedures and access to housing services for customers to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, reduce waiting times and facilitate the application process.

It should be noted that ADHA has worked to develop a comprehensive and integrated housing system, including partners from the public and private sectors in the Abu Dhabi Housing Center to provide a 3D system to choose the housing benefit for customers, as the feature provides an opportunity to view all available land and housing data, compare them, choose the most appropriate and book, whether the project is completed or recorded on the map.

Update On

18 Oct 2023

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