Organizations interested in doing business with Abu Dhabi Government Entities must complete the registration on the Procurement Gate - information technology platform of the Government for procurement running on SAP Ariba. The registration is a one-time activity centralized for Abu Dhabi Government Entities. Once registered, the profiles of suppliers are visible to buyers from all entities operating through the Procurement Gate.

The supplier registration process consists of the following stages:

Supplier Request > Supplier Registration > Supplier Qualification


There are two ways to raise the ‘Supplier Request’ which starts the registration process. The relevant route to follow depends on the status of a supplier.

1. Existing Suppliers of ADGEs

Suppliers already registered in the ADERP (Abu Dhabi Government Resource Management System) should raise ‘Self – Request’ to re-register in the Procurement Gate.

Please click on the link below to access the webpage to raise “Self-Request”


2. Prospective Suppliers of ADGEs

Suppliers who are not yet registered in the ADERP and intend to deliver goods or services inside the UAE to the Abu Dhabi Government Entities should raise ‘Self – Request’ in the Procurement Gate themselves.


Required Documents

  • Commercial / Industrial / Trade License
  • Tax Registration Certificate (or valid justification on Company Letterhead, if tax registration is not applicable)
  • Authorization on Company Letterhead for the person authorized to provide registration information on behalf of the supplier
  • Bank Account Confirmation Letter
Supplier Registartion

Suppliers not yet registered in the ADERP who intend to deliver goods or services only outside the UAE must have the registration process initiated by the Abu Dhabi Government Entity interested in working with them. In such cases, suppliers should provide specified information to interested entities for them to raise the ‘Entity – Request’.  Please click below to find information about data and documents required by entities to raise the ‘Entity-Request’.

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